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Permanent Recruitment

We offer a bespoke resourcing service designed to help organisations in the recruitment of highquality, career-driven candidates for senior level roles. Eschewing the traditional print media/expensive headhunter route, we focus on targeted methods and platforms, including social media, targeted job boards, search engine marketing, and our own community of proven candidates.

Our experienced team screen candidates, all longlisted candidates are put through psychometric assessment, further ensuring a suitable fit with your organisation and the job on offer; you are presented with a high-calibre, relevant candidate pool.

We can cut your recruitment costs, time and effort without compromising on the quality or delivery of candidates.

You can contact us at, telephone 0203 280 3671 or 0115 923 3773.

How We Work on Getting You the Best

We can provide the targeted search and selection to assist you in successfully recruiting the best talent to your organisation. We start by taking a detailed briefing from you on the post to understand the role and the specific candidate requirements, and how the post and the candidate will fit with the organisation; as well as offering advice.

Once the job is “live”, we use various search methods to build up your candidate pool, including targeted on-line advertising on relevant job boards; social media; our own talent pool and our extensive networks/contacts. All applications are then subject to initial screening and filtering by our experienced consultants, working to your brief, to longlist the applications.

This longlist is further screened, and the final shortlist undertakes a psychometric assessment exercise to explore in greater detail the “fit” of the candidates to your brief. This final shortlist of candidates is then presented to yourselves as your candidate pool from which you can interview and appoint.

Our on-line advertising and our search is targeted to your requirements; our consultants review and assess candidates individually, again to your requirements. This ensures that the final candidates for your selection come from a bespoke search, selection and assessment process, tailored to your role, requirements and organisation.

In short, our fully managed search and selection offers: 

  • In-depth briefing meeting
  • On-line advertising
  • Targeted search, including via our own talent pool, social media, online strategies
  • Receipt of applications,including EO monitoring forms
  • Sifting
  • Psychometric assessment exercise

With the outcome that the client is presented with a shortlist of candidates, all meeting the brief and assessed as appropriate for interview and appointment by the client.

We can offer further recruitment support through the process, including:

  • Market test of salary
  • Composition of job/person profile
  • Joint interviews
  • Technical assessor
  • Additional assessment
  • On-line information pages for candidates via our website
  • Interview support (content, moderator)

And we’d be very happy to tailor any recruitment support package to your requirements and/or budget - all costs are given upfront, there's no surprise costs arising through the assignment! 

You can contact us at contact@osbornethomas.orgtelephone 0203 280 3671 or 0115 923 3773.


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